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passive income vs active income
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the currency translation happens through the pricing using the amacoin and the conversion process. in conclusion , there is no doubt many of the concepts behind bitcoin have merit. the main problem bitcoin has is that it was developed in the computer science department staffed by libertarians, not economists. the deliberate inelastic structure of bitcoin guarantees that bitcoin will be volatile. most merchants and consumers try to avoid uncertainty and volatility, especially when it comes to money. 41 ways to make money at home i'm pretty sure that in the not so distant future, a major retailer or bank will develop a competitor to bitcoin that offers all the benefits of bitcoin, but without the risk. once that happens the only appeal of bitcoin will be for speculative value, and without the hope of ever becoming a viable currency, bitcoin is almost certain to join the dutch tulips in the annals of market bubbles. disclaimer: this article is not an investment recommendation or solicitation. any analysis presented in this article is illustrative in nature, is based on an incomplete set of information and has limitations to its accuracy, and is not meant to be relied upon for investment decisions. please consult a qualified investment advisor. the information upon which this material is based was obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but has not been independently verified.

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